Hazard Identification Signs

The team at Puffin Plastics are always thinking of new ideas. Using our knowledge of plastic manufacturing and experience in mass production and delivery of multiple plastic-based products, we took it upon ourselves to design a range of safety hazard signs that could be produced in 1-3 working days and quickly delivered to those in need, with such a sign a priority to many people working in industry that deals with any sort of electrical component.

Our range of hazard signs are affordable and are designed and shipped with the intention of providing those dealing with hazardous conditions an adequate and quickly provided solution to warning those who may come in the vicinity of such a danger. We understand the importance of delivering the appropriate message in a proportionate manner, so we did not settle for manufacturing one basic warning sign that attempts to provide a bare minimum effect. To emphasise this, we offer a whole host of different hazard signs, each marked with a warning about a different electrical hazard, and a sub-range focused on different high voltage levels for a more specific message if so required.

Electrical Hazard signs are used as a health and safety measure to deter people from approaching a dangerous area whereby there may be live electricity capable of causing harm to those who come within contact of it. If you need such a warning sign, please explore our range of products to find one that fits the message you would like to display.

The wrong sign with the wrong design can be fatal to anyone who either fails to spot it or struggles to immediately comprehend the message displayed on the sign. As much as we like to put a creative spin on the plastic products we offer at Puffin Plastics, our team recognises the importance of having signs that are universal and familiar. With that in mind we offer all of our hazard signs in a familiar black print on a yellow background, which is most likely to serve its purpose of being an immediate warning to people. We offer standard sizes ranging between A3 and A5 with two production options available. These options are a self-adhesive sticker that can be placed on walls or other surfaces, with ease of removal when no longer necessary, and our sturdy 1mm PVC sign which is ideal for a durability first solution, or where a more permanent warning sign is required.

For this particular range, you should make Puffin Plastics your choice for the production and delivery of such hazard signs. Choosing to make us your manufacturer means that we can be responsive to your requirements and produce multiple sizes to your specification, as we do not limit our work to one set structure. This type of service makes us an ideal one stop shop for those seeking such a product, with us being able to offer the type of made to fit solutions a generic supplier cannot.


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