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Smoking Signs

This is our category page supplying everything you need relating to the provision of smoking signs in the workplace. Our standard range features a comprehensive selection including no smoking signs, smoking area indication signs as well as our latest versions that relate specifically to e-cigarettes.

Because of the health issues related to smoking and the strict regulations surrounding it, most of the signs in this category are prohibition signs. This means that they are giving employees, visitors and customers an instruction about something they must not do whilst in your premises.

Following the internationally recognised format, these signs also meet all of the relevant British standards and will be acceptable to local authorities undertaking a health and safety inspection.

So, let's now have a closer look at the options available in this category:



No Smoking Symbol Sign


No Smoking No Drinking No Eating Sign


No Smoking Beyond This Point Sign


No Smoking Company Policy Sign


Smoking Area Sign


E-Cigarettes Allowed Sign


No E- Cigarettes Allowed Sign


No Electronic Cigarettes Sign


No Naked Lights Sign


No Smoking It Is Against The Law To Smoke In These Premises Sign


No Smoking Sign


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Smoking Prohibition Signs

As mentioned above, the majority of signs in this category are smoking prohibition signs which we have broken down below: 

Colouring and Format: Designed to stand out, the colour scheme is red and white with black lettering and black pictograms. Generally divided into two sections, the top of the sign features a pictogram printed in black on a white background and contained within a red circle. 

Across the circle stretching from the upper left to the bottom right section is the well known red bar that is associated with prohibition.

Below the circle, there will normally be instructions or a written explanation that provides further clarification of the exact meaning of the sign.  This will be written in white lettering against a red background inside a rectangle. Typical examples of what might be written are no smoking, no electronic cigarettes and no naked flames.

Size: Our standard sizes range between A3 and A5 but if you need something outside of the standard range, we can produce bespoke signs of any size. Simply get in touch and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly staff.

Materials: The quick, convenient and cost-effective option is the self-adhesive peel-and-stick version. Useful for reasonably flat surfaces that are not exposed to harsh weather, they are made from tough vinyl that will not rip or tear easily. 

For something more permanent and hard-wearing, our rigid 1mm thick perspex signs can be fixed with screws, adhesives or mounting tape. More robust and hard-wearing this version is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.


Smoking Information Signs

In addition to prohibition signs, this category page includes smoking information signs. The main difference is that these include indications of areas where smoking is allowed. For example, they might indicate the location of a designated smoking area or announce the fact that electronic cigarettes are permitted in a particular area. These are printed in the standard green and white colour scheme for this type of sign.

Multi Message Signs

If you need two or more prohibition messages displayed within a single sign this is perfectly possible. This category page features a typical example where the no-smoking prohibition sign is coupled with the no food or drink prohibition. There are endless possibilities for doubling up the messaging on a single sign and once again, we invite you to call us on 01730 352100 and discuss your requirements with one of our team.


Workplace Signage From Puffin Plastics

Combined with our manufacturing ability to produce high-quality workplace signs for any use and any occasion, we also produce bespoke signs including these smoking signs customised to your requirements. 

Working to your designs and your requirements, you can be confident that if you can imagine a sign, we can produce it. Puffin Plastics is the only UK destination you need for a complete range of safety signs in the workplace.

Working out of well-equipped premises here in Hampshire, Puffin Plastics is a leading UK plastics manufacturer. With the emphasis on top quality customer service, we aim to provide quality items, quick turnaround and rapid delivery. With stock items posted out for next day delivery and a target of turning around bespoke orders in under 3 days, we are not the type of business that is going to keep you waiting.

We are proud to be able to offer our services to retail buyers who need one item and scale up to devote a whole production line to accommodating trade buyers wishing to place substantial orders. We are also happy to negotiate some generous discounts for trade and bulk buyers.

Contact us using the details in the top bar of this page or type your message into our chatbox for an instant response. We are here to help.