No Access Signs

Also known as no access signs, this is our category page for our full range of no entry and no trespass signs. With more than 50 variations available, and our ability to produce bespoke versions for any purpose, we can say with confidence that Puffin Plastics is the only online destination you need for your no entry signs. Browse our collection below:


No Pedestrian Access Sign


No Entry - Symbol with Person Sign


No Thoroughfare Sign


No Access Sign


No Entry Sign


No Access Unless Trained And Authorised Sign


Private Property No Trespassing Sign


No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only Sign


In The Event Of Fire Do Not Use This Lift Sign


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Key Things To Consider With No Entry Signs 

Colouring: Let's start with the colour scheme. These no entry signs are designed to stand out and get noticed. They follow the ISO standard format which means they meet health and safety requirements and are recognised internationally. The colour scheme is red and white with black lettering and pictograms.

Format: Easily recognisable because of the downward sloping red bar that runs from the upper left to the bottom right, these no admittance signs feature a pictogram contained within a circle. The circle is red and the pictogram is in black and provides a visual representation of the no entry instruction. This could be the universally recognised hand held up and outward with palm open as in the halt or stop gesture or something else specific to the situation in which the sign is displayed. The background is white and the whole effect makes this a high-visibility no entry sign.

Below the circle, there will normally be a written explanation or instruction in white lettering on a red background and contained within a rectangle. Typical examples of what might be written are no access, no admittance, and no entry.

Size: Our standard sizes are A3, A4 and A5 but of course, as sign manufacturers and printers we are able to accommodate requests for sizes outside of this range. As a general rule, the further the distance you need your sign to be readable from, the bigger it needs to be.

Materials: For reasonably flat surfaces that are not exposed to harsh weather, we offer a self-adhesive peel and stick sign made from tough vinyl for your convenience. If you need something a little more permanent and hard-wearing, our rigid 1mm thick perspex signs are more suitable. They can be fixed with screws, adhesives or mounting tape.


Types of No Access Signs and How To Use Them

Using the right sign is an important part of safety in the workplace. These signs exist to keep people safe and prevent accidents or injury. All of our signs are printed and manufactured to exceptional quality and meet the relevant ISO standards. This means that they are internationally recognised and will be acceptable should your Local Authority carry out a Health and Safety inspection. 

No Access Signs fall into 2 sub-categories so let's now examine the main differences.

1. Explicit Instructions

Signs in this category give clear and simple instructions that must be followed. They require little or no further explanation. They make it clear to staff, customers and the public which areas within the premises are off-limits. Typical examples are Keep Out, No Access and No Trespass signs. 

2. Circumstantial Instructions

Signs in this category instruct people not to enter unless certain circumstances are met. For example the No Access Unless Trained and Authorised sign. This forbids entry into an area unless certain criteria are met. These signs rely very much on the way they are worded which offers a simple method for us to adapt the sign to your intended purpose.


Mounting Your No Entry Signage

Our standard sizes range between A3 and A5. Deciding which size is best depends a lot on how far away they need to be readable. In many circumstances, a smaller peel and stick sign on a door will suffice. If you have larger premises and the sign needs to be readable from a distance then a large rigid acrylic sign mounted prominently on a wall would be more suitable. Larger bespoke sizes can be made to order if you need something not immediately available on this page.


Expert Assistance Available

Dealing directly with the manufacturer gives you some distinct advantages. If you need help with designing and producing bespoke no access signs we are always available to assist. Simply call us on 01730 352100 or email retail@puffinplastics.co.uk. Our chatbox on this page is also open during working hours if you have a quick question that needs a quick answer. 

With state of the art design, print and manufacturing facilities, we can easily incorporate custom elements like corporate logos and company branding into the design of your No Access sign,

We supply to the trade and private buyers alike. Whether you need one sign, a multi-pack of signs or even a bulk order, you can always benefit from our commitment to excellent customer service, rapid turnaround times, and value for money prices.