Caution Very Hot Water Sign



A3 - S/A Vinyl


Caution Very Hot Water Sign

EAN  5060442646797

This is the ISO standard caution very hot water sign that indicates proximity to exceptionally hot water.

The caution hot water sign features the universally-recognisable caution symbol which is a prominent black exclamation mark. This is contained within a yellow triangle to warn of potential danger or risk of injury. The wording on the sign is “caution very hot water”. This is in black writing on a yellow background and inside a rectangular box. The text box can be either underneath or at the side of the triangle.

It is important to understand the difference between using the word caution as opposed to danger. Danger is used for high risk circumstances whereas caution is a step down from danger.

Our caution hot water signs come in easy to apply sticky back vinyl or rigid 1mm thick PVC if you need something robust and waterproof. We stock sizes between A3 and A5 but as we manufacture these signs here in our factory, we can always make a very hot water sign to whatever size you need.


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Product Info

Yellow caution triangle signs are used to mark and identify all hazards in the workplace and elsewhere. Often used in restaurants and kitchens, the caution hot water signs are health and safety related. The warning is designed to make people aware that they are near a water source that has the potential to be hot enough to injure or scold them. If you want to have a look at what other temperature-related signs we have, please visit our temperature radiation signs page. Making sure that you have the right safety signs in place is not just a moral but also a legal obligation. Your warning signs help to reduce risk and lower the incidence of accidents in the workplace. They communicate important safety messages visually and adjust them precisely according to the danger present at a particular location.Puffin Plastics is a leading supplier of all types of signs manufactured and printed on vinyl or PVC. These are our own products manufactured in our workshops here in the UK using the best materials and work processes available.Dealing directly with the manufacturer has some advantages. The flexibility to customise your signs with company information, branding and logos is baked into the process. In other words, we offer you choices that many other sellers would struggle with. Whether you need a single sign, a series of signs for complete health and safety in the workplace coverage or you are a reseller looking to place a bulk order, nothing can phase us. Our customer-focused teams are always available to give help and advice.Pricing is another advantage of dealing directly with us. Our pricing for caution very hot water signs and any other standard items that you can order from the site is extremely competitive. But when you are looking for customised signs or bulk orders, this is where you get the real benefits. We are always happy to negotiate pricing for large orders with some generous discounts on offer.We invite you to get in touch using the email or telephone details in the black bar at the top of every page. Alternatively, during working hours, type your message into the live chat box on the page for a quick response from one of our team.