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This is our comprehensive fire safety signage category page covering everything you need to provide fire safety signs for your business premises and keep staff and visitors safe from the danger of fire.  

With a complete range of fire equipment signs and fire safety signs, plus our own fully equipped manufacturing facilities, Puffin Plastics is the only online source you need for standard or customised fire safety signage.

It is a legal requirement that the presence of all fire equipment must be indicated by appropriate signage. Installing fire equipment signs nearby can help you adhere to this legislation.

Unlike many of our other category pages, you will notice that there are some variations both in colouring and style. This is because fire safety stretches across both fire safety regulations and building regulations. Explore our range of fire safety signs below:




Your Fire Marshalls Are Sign


Dry Riser Sign


Emergency Evacuation Chair Sign


In Case Of Emergency Break Glass To Open Sign


Fire Extinguisher Sign


Fire Alarm Sign


Fire Alarm Call Point Sign


Fire Action Notice 5 Points Sign


Fire Point Sign


Fire Action Notice Sign


Fire Hose Reel Sign


Fire Fighting Equipment Sign


Fire Extinguisher Must Be Kept Clear Sign


Fire Blanket Sign


Fire Alarm (No Wording) Sign


Emergency Telephone Sign


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Types of Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Equipment Signs

These are the high visibility red and white fire equipment location notices like the fire extinguisher sign required by Health and Safety Regulations.  Also included in this category are fire safety equipment signs like fire hose reel signage that indicates the location of fire fighting equipment. Signs like this are typically used to display the location of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire alarm call points. 

Usually rectangular or square, fire equipment signs feature white pictographs and white writing contrasted against a red background. Red is the universally accepted colour to indicate danger.

Under Health and Safety legislation it is essential that fire equipment signs are clearly indicated and easily seen by employees and visitors. These are mandatory fire fighting equipment signs that must be present in all workplaces.

Fire Emergency Signs

The green and white signs on this page feature the internationally recognised colour scheme for emergency signs as required by Building Regulations.  These signs provide guidance during an emergency. Typical examples might include Fire Exit signs that display an emergency route out of a building, or the In Case Of Emergency Break Glass To Open Sign.

Size and Production Options

These signs are available in rectangular versions that range between A3 and A5 plus a square option measuring 200mm x 200mm for the fire equipment signs. Choose between the peel and stick convenience of self-adhesive vinyl, or the more robust and weatherproof 1mm rigid acrylic.


Important Fire Safety Signs

Combined Signs 

Occasionally you might find the two or more types of emergency fire signs combined. A typical example is the red and white extinguisher sign combined with a blue sign with white wording indicating the type of extinguisher (i.e. powder),and then a green sign with a list of the types of fire the extinguisher can be used on.

The Fire Extinguisher Inside Sign

When the location of the fire extinguisher is not readily obvious to those wishing to use it (for example if it is stored inside a cupboard or cabinet),signage to indicate that there is a fire extinguisher inside not only makes sense, it is legally required.

The Fire Action Notice 5 Points Sign

One of our most requested signs, the fire action notice is a safety sign explaining what to do in case of fire. All commercial premises must display a Fire Action Notice. The purpose is to make sure that all staff and visitors know what to do if they either discover a fire or if they need to evacuate the building. 


It is recommended that there is a Fire Action Notice placed near every manual fire call point. At the very least these pre-printed signs could feature:

  • The phone number to call the fire brigade

  • The exit to use to leave the building

  • Where the assembly point is located

  • Any additional instructions specific to the building

  • General instructions not to take risks or re-enter the building


Mounting and Displaying Fire Safety Signage 

Fire equipment signs indicating the type of fire equipment should be placed close to where it is located. Fire safety signage should be high enough that it cannot be obscured by equipment or people and it should be large enough to be easily read from the furthest point away. 

If you need something that is outside of our standard range of fire safety signage please do not hesitate to get in touch. We manufacture and print these emergency fire signs here in our factory in Hampshire. Dealing directly with us means that our design and production capability is at your disposal for bespoke requests.


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