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Biohazard Sign

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If a person enters an area where biohazardous waste is present, they need to be aware that they are going to be at risk. With a biohazard sign in place, you are making sure everybody who sees it is taking extra caution around the contaminated area.

By having a warning in place in the form of a biohazard sign you are taking the steps to prevent accidents before they occur, and this is the main goal for any thorough workplace health and safety strategy. Our biohazard safety signs at Puffin Plastics can help you achieve this.


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Product Info

A biohazard refers to substances that cause hazards to the health of those who are exposed to it. These dangers are usually undetectable to the human eye and can be caused by several different factors, from viruses to medical waste. If you are a business that deals with biohazardous materials, you will be aware that these substances cause extreme danger to anybody who encounters it. To meet a high level of safety standards at your workplace, you should have a biohazard warning sign in place at any location where the substance could be present. If you have a clear and legible biohazard sign in place at your premises, you are ensuring that everybody who enters the area is aware of the danger. By having an awareness of the risk, the individual can then take the appropriate action needed to protect themselves. At Puffin Plastics, we offer a clear and legible biohazard warning sign featuring the universally recognisable biohazard symbol which meets current legislation. By having the correct symbol and colours on your biohazard signs, you are ensuring that even if a person cannot read the accompanying text, they will recognise the warning. We offer biohazard warning signs that can be produced in as little as one to three working days. We understand that biohazard signs are of extreme importance to those working with biohazardous materials, so we aim to make the production and delivery process timely to meet your needs. We offer A3, A4 and A5 sizing for our signs and two different production options. You will be able to choose from either a self-adhesive sign which can be displayed with a peel and stick method or a sturdy 1mm more durable PVC sign. Every workplace should be taking every precaution it can to ensure the safety of employees, customers, or other workplace visitors. Invest in a biohazard sign from Puffin Plastics today to show you are meeting current legislation by protecting everyone who visits your premises from biohazardous substances.