AMT Marketing personalised sports memorabilia

We are very excited to showcase AMT Marketing personalised sports memorabilia, follow the links on their products to purchase your very own custom item

If you find yourself wanting a special display case for your newly purchased personal item, come back to us to find the perfect display for you


AMT offer a wide range of items for any sporting event. Whether it is printed footballs, branded tennis balls, or even branded juggling balls we can find the perfect product to suit your requirements. We have an extensive range of printed golf items, printed rugby balls and we can even supply printed sports bottles, towels, printed American Footballs, bang bang sticks and awards. If there is an item you cannot find please contact us as we have a free sourcing service.


Size 0 Mini Branded Rugby Ball smooth PVC

Printed Size 0 Mini Rugby Ball.  15cm Mini Rugby Ball, made from 4 Panels. Every Panel can be branded.


Size 5 Rugby Ball PVC

Can be pantone matched and printed up to full colour.

match ready rugby ball.png

Match Ready Rugby Ball

Match Ready Rugby Ball.  Made to official spec and designed for actual play. Can be printed up to full colour.

size 0 football.png

Mini Football Size 0

The Branded Mini Football can be made up in most colours and printed. Material PVC 2 Ply. Circumference 37cm

size 1 football.png

Size 1 Football

Size 1 PVC Mini Football.  13cm diameter made from 12 panels. The size 1 football can be branded to each panel.

size 5 football.png

Size 5 Football

Size 5 football. PVC material. Can be manufactured in matt or gloss finish. Approximate size 69cm circumference. 

tennis ball.png

Tennis Ball

Printed Tennis Balls weight 89grams

Can only be printed with spot colours.

long panel football.png

Football Long Panel

Size 5 Football (Long Panel). Promotional Weight Football. Size 5 can be made up in most colours.

We can pantone match on orders over 500 units. Ball material PVC 2 Ply.There are many different panel options available please contact us for more details.

full size american football.png

Full Size American Football

Full Size American Football can be fully branded and printed to your specification.


Mini Branded American Football

Mini American Football Promotions can be fully branded and printed to your specification.


Full Size Printed Cricket Ball

Promotional Full Size Printed Cricket Ball. Made from high grade leather and official weight.

engraved cricket ball.png

Engraved Cricket Ball with stand

Promotional Full Size Cricket Ball Engraved. Made from high grade leather and official weight.