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A3 - S/A Vinyl


Caution Wet Floor Sign: A Crucial Tool for Slip Hazard Awareness

Product Overview:

The Caution Wet Floor Sign is an essential piece of safety equipment designed to alert people to wet surfaces that could be slip hazards. Commonly found in commercial buildings, grocery stores, restrooms, lobbies, and areas undergoing cleaning, these signs help prevent slip-and-fall incidents which are among the most frequent causations of workplace injuries.

Key Features:

  • "CAUTION" Warning: The sign prominently features the term "CAUTION" to quickly draw attention and convey a message of potential hazard ahead.
  • Wet Floor Symbol: Uses the universally recognized iconography of a slipping figure or stylized puddle to communicate the risk of a wet surface.
  • High Visibility Color Scheme: Often designed with bright colors, like yellow or orange, and bold, black text to ensure that the sign is easily noticed.
  • Foldable A-Frame Design: Many of these signs are A-frames that can be easily set up and collapsed for storage, making them both convenient and portable.
  • Bilingual or Multilingual Options: Signs might display warnings in multiple languages, broadening the scope of comprehension where needed.

Optimal Usage Practices:

  • Prompt Placement: To be effective, the sign should be placed immediately upon recognizing a wet or slippery surface, and before any cleaning or maintenance activity begins.
  • Visibility: Ensure that the sign is visible from all approaches to the hazard, taking into account corners and blind spots.
  • Removal After Drying: Once the floor is dry and safe to walk on, the sign should be promptly removed to avoid diminishing its effectiveness over time due to warning fatigue.

Benefits of Caution Wet Floor Signs:

  • Preventing Accidents: The primary function is to reduce the chances of slipping accidents by warning individuals to be cautious or take alternate routes.
  • Legal Protection: Properly using these signs can help protect a business from potential liability claims by demonstrating proactive measures to ensure safety.
  • Cultivating Safety Awareness: Consistent use of these signs reinforces the importance of safety and fosters an environment where diligence around potential hazards is habitual.


Caution Wet Floor Signs are a fundamental part of safety protocol in environments where floor conditions may become hazardous due to wetness. By effectively alerting individuals to the potential risk, these signs play a vital role in reducing the occurrence of slip-and-fall accidents, thereby protecting patrons, staff, and businesses alike. Implementing and adhering to the use of such safety signage is an easily integrated practice with substantial benefits for maintaining a secure environment.

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Product Info

Business owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their workplace is as safe as possible. When spillages occur, workers do their best to dry the area accordingly but sometimes some residue does remain. To ensure the utmost safety to employees, customers, or any worksite visitors, a wet floor sign should be placed over any area that has had a recent spillage. A slippery floor should not, under any circumstances, be left unattended without first warning others of potential danger using a clear and legible sign. Help those who visit your workplace avoid danger at your premises by having a caution sign that warns them of a slippery floor.A wet floor sign from Puffin Plastics will help your organisation meet statutory safety obligations. We design and manufacture our signs in industry compliant colours, making the symbol of danger instantly recognisable to members of the public.Our ‘caution – wet floor’ signs are available in two different types of material. The first is a sticky vinyl option and the second is a rigid acrylic version.We have a range of sizes available at Puffin Plastics. You can choose from A5 (148mm width x 210mm height), A4 (210mm width x 297mm height), or A3 (297mm width x 420mm height).If you would like to discuss how Puffin Plastics can cater to your business’s needs, our skilled staff are on standby to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us by phone on 01730 763161 or by email at retail@puffinplastics.co.uk.