Workplace Safety Signs

Health and safety, danger, and warning signs are found in almost every location, from schools to hospitals, from shopping centres to construction sites. Having a sign that clearly conveys an important message can only benefit your business as you will know you’ve taken appropriate steps to ensure employee and customer safety. Caution signs can warn of potential threats or hazards, locate emergency exits, or fire emergency equipment.

Puffin Plastics is a bespoke plastic fabrication specialist.We have bending, polishing, and finishing facilities to allow us to quickly make prototypes. We are proud to offer excellent quality products at a great value for money with quick delivery.

At Puffin Plastics, we manufacture and sell safety signsperfect for the workplace. A lot of different people come in and out of workplaces every day, so having signs that warn people of any potential hazards is mandatory.

Our signs adhere to all internationally recognised colour schemes, come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are available in sticky vinyl or durable rigid acrylic. We can customise a sign to any requirement you may have and, if necessary, put together safety sign multi-packs.

PPE safety signs, first aid, fire safety, and hazard warning signs are just part of what we offer. Just about any possible probability can be covered by our bespoke services.

Whether you’re an international brand or an individual customer, we can work with you to deliver the best product to suit your needs.


Our Products

  •   Coronavirus – The pandemic has been around for a while, and though restrictions are relaxing people are forgetting that some measures are still in place to keep us safe. To ensure people are taking caution to protect themselves and others from coronavirus, installing safety signs at your premises can help. If you feel you are constantly reminding staff or customers to wear PPE, wash their hands, or maintain social distancing, implementing signs at your workplace is the answer.
  • Prohibition Signs – Sometimes staff or employees need to avoid entering certain areas or doing certain tasks in the workplace. To ensure safety, you can introduce warnings in the form of signs throughout your premises. You’re busy, you may not have the time to verbally remind people of what they can or cannot do. Having clear, effective signage can help you with this.
  • Hazard identification signs – It is essential to warn staff and visitors about any potentially hazardous areas or materials currently on your premises. Hazard signs are easy to understand and comply with the Health and Safety Regulations 1996.
  • Mandatory signs – If an action is required of anybody who may enter the workplace, mandatory signs can help with communicating this message. We can customise these signs using recognisable symbols or simple written commands. Our signs are available in various shapes and sizes and can be attached to a range of different surfaces.
  • Fire Signs – The current legislation states that ‘all premises should clearly mark emergency exits and escape routes.’ If a fire should ever occur, you must have the correct signage in place so that people know what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency. We have a range of fire safety signs to meet your premises’ needs.
  • Safety Condition Signs - We offer first aid signs that can point people to nearby first aid boxes/emergency showers. Emergency exits, opening directions and fire assembly points are also covered. Click here to browse our entire range of products ranging from A3 to A5 sizing and in different materials.
  • Multi-message signs – Communicate several messages with ease with the help of our multi-message signs. As a business, it is very important to ensure all the relevant safety information is clear and visible on your premises. Protect staff and customers from danger with safety signs.

How Can Puffin Plastics Help? 

Safety signs are a requirement when, despite having other efforts in place to increase safety measures, there is still a risk to employee safety.

At Puffin Plastics, we provide clear, eye-catching, durable signs that can help your staff or customers identify prohibited actions, follow safety guidelines, direct them to an exit or warn them of a hazard.

When you invest in signs for your business, you must make sure they are legible and to the point. With our range of sizes, materials, and fonts – we will have something to suit your needs. Our team is made up of skilled fabricators with many years of experience.

Puffin Plastics is a fabrication company that specialises in signs, display cases, bespoke items and material cutting. If you have any specifics in mind when it comes to workplace signage, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can offer you.