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This is our category page for fire safety door signage. These Fire door signs form an important sub-section of the mandatory workplace signs category. They are used to announce the location of a fire door and direct staff and visitors to the nearest fire exit. We also produce fire door keep closed signs that warn people that they should under no circumstances leave a fire door open.

One of the most important fire safety features to be found in the workplace is the fire door. When used properly it remains closed and as a result, slows the spread of a fire. Depending on the category, a fire door should protect you for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes. Fire doors should not only remain closed and they should be kept clear of obstructions too.

Using signage to make people aware of what is expected in relation to fire doors is crucial and can save lives.



Fire Door Keep Locked Sign


Fire Door Keep Shut Sign


This Area To Be Kept Clear Of All Obstructions Sign


Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear Sign


Escape Route Keep Clear Sign


Fire Escape Keep Clear Sign


Fire Exit Keep Clear Sign


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What Do These Fire Door signs Look Like?

As already mentioned, fire safety door signage forms part of the mandatory workplace sign category. Mandatory signs are reproduced in the international standard blue and white colours. They often feature the instantly recognisable prominent exclamation mark in white on a blue background and contained within a circle. 

Where the exclamation mark is used, it will be supported by some wording that explains the exact purpose of the sign. For example, the wording might include Fire Door Keep Shut, or Fire Door Keep Clear. The wording is in white on a blue background. 

One alternative format we have available is to leave out the exclamation mark and contain the wording itself within the blue circle.


Fire Door Signs – Your Options

Our most popular option is the convenient self-adhesive peel and stick sign. These are printed on robust vinyl that does not tear easily. These are quickly and easily mounted on a smooth, flat surface like the fire door itself or an adjacent wall.

Our hard-wearing and weatherproof option suitable for mounting outside the building is the 1mm thick acrylic sign. Strong and yet lightweight, these signs can be screwed into place or even fixed with double-sided tape or contact adhesive.

Both materials are easy to clean with a quick wipe over and will provide long-lasting service.

Our standard sizes for these fire exit door signs are rectangular and range between A3 and A5. Alternatives include a square sign measuring 200mm x 200mm.

Customised Fire Door Signs

Unlike a reseller, at Puffin Plastics we manufacture and print workplace signs from our own UK premises. Dealing direct puts our design and manufacturing resources at your disposal. For signs outside of our standard range, custom wording to address a specific circumstance, or even incorporating your company logo, bespoke signage presents no problem at all.

Another option for customised signs is the ability to incorporate multiple safety messages onto a single sign. Whatever you need, if you can design it or even just imagine it, we are confident that we can reproduce it for you.

Our lead-in time for bespoke signage is around 3 days. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. If the sign you need is not immediately available on this page, you can also visit our full fire sign category page to see if you can find it in an alternative section.

Featured Fire Door Signs

Grouped together as signs that give mandatory (must observe) instructions relating to fire doors, fire exits and fire escapes, these signs fall into two main types:

  1. Instructions to keep fire doors shut or locked
  2. Instructions to keep fire doors clear


Why Buy Your Workplace Safety Signs From Puffin Plastics

Dealing directly with the manufacturer is the quickest way to buy workplace safety signs. Standard stock items will normally be sent out within a day of receiving your order. Our pricing is extremely competitive because you are not paying a middleman markup. We are always happy to discuss discounts for large orders

Whether you are a private buyer needing a single or a few signs, a reseller with a large order or a large company experiencing a constant demand we have the facilities and the dedicated production staff to fulfil your order 

Our reputation is built on years of experience delivering excellent customer service for our clients. With fair and equitable returns policies, honest and effective customer liaison and a can-do attitude to problem-solving, choosing Puffin Plastics for fire safety door signage is the sensible option.


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