Harmful Chemicals Sign



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Harmful Chemicals Sign

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Here at Puffin Plastics, we understand the dangers posed to the public if there is not sufficient warning in areas deemed potentially hazardous. Therefore, we have called on our knowledge of plastic manufacturing and experience in mass production and delivery of multiple plastic-based products, to design a range of warning signs against hazardous chemical/substances that could be produced in 1-3 working days and quickly delivered to those in need, with such a sign a priority to many people working in industry that deals with any type of dangerous substance.

Our range of hazard signs are affordable and are designed and shipped with the intention of providing those dealing with, or recognising, hazardous conditions, an adequate and quickly provided solution to warning those who may come in the vicinity of such a danger. We understand the importance of delivering the appropriate message in a proportionate manner, so we did not settle for manufacturing one basic warning sign that attempts to provide a bare minimum effect. To emphasise this, we offer a whole host of different hazardous chemical signs, each marked with a warning about a different substance-based hazard, such as asbestos warnings, highly flammable material, or poisonous liquids.

These signs are used as a health and safety measure to deter people from approaching a dangerous area whereby there may be substances capable of causing harm to those who come into contact with them or in the case of flammable substances, bring any dangerous catalyst within their vicinity. If you are in need of such a warning sign, please explore our range of products to find one that fits the message you would like to display.

An unfamiliar sign with the wrong design can be fatal to anyone who either fails to spot it or struggles to immediately comprehend the message displayed on the sign. As much as we like to innovate and create original products that differ from the rest, we put public safety first. This means that we took the decision to offer these hazard signs in the internationally recognised black print on a yellow background, which is most likely to save lives through a person in danger registering the visuals quicker than something they have seen before. To differentiate between the substances, we provide easily recognisable images such as flames for highly flammable, spraying cans for dangerous solvents, or the biochemical symbol for biohazards. We offer standard sizes ranging between A3 and A5 with two production options available. These options are a self-adhesive sticker that can be placed anywhere, with ease of removal when no longer necessary, and our rigid 1mm PVC sign which is ideal for outdoor weather resistance, or where a more permanent warning sign is required.

If looking for warning signs for hazardous substances, we would encourage customers to make Puffin Plastics your choice for the production and delivery of such hazard signs. Not only do we have years of experience making plastic products, but due to our in-house manufacturing, we can cater to the client directly and provide them with exactly what they need. This client first approach to our manufacturing makes us an ideal one stop shop for those seeking such a product, with a guarantee of the exact specifications other generic suppliers may struggle to offer.


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