Warning Mind Your Hands Sign



A5 - S/A Vinyl


Warning Mind Your Hands Sign

EAN  5060442646674

A warning sign alerts people to a potential hazard, obstacle, or condition requiring special attention. In this case the mind your head sign advises people of the danger of low hanging obstacles. As with most warning signs, this one is triangular in shape with a pictograph that shows a jagged outline in close proximity to a head. Underneath the triangle a rectangular box contains the words Warning Mind Your Head. Colouring is high visibility and uses the ISO standard yellow background with contrasting black text and graphics.

We hold these signs as stock items in the standard sizes of A3 to A5. This means that we can arrange rapid delivery the moment we receive your order. If you need something outside of the standard sizes or perhaps some customisation with your company logo or some additional wording, we can manufacture these ‘mind your head signs’ according to your requirements. Delivery will take a little longer but because we manufacture them ourselves, we normally expect to produce bespoke items within 3 days.

Available in either convenient and easy sticky-back vinyl or long-lasting and weatherproof 1mm thick acrylic, these ‘caution mind your head signs’ are top-quality UK manufactured products. We also sell mounting accessories if you need them.


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