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Danger Sign

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Danger signs ensure that employees, customers, or any type of worksite visitor are aware of any danger within your premises. A danger sign should be a central part of your organisation’s health and safety strategy.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), danger signs can further reduce the risk of an accident occurring within the workplace.

Clear messaging in visible locations alerts people to the presence of danger so that they can take individual steps to avoid the area or wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safety. Danger signs encouraging caution will help you meet the current legislation.

All the danger signs we offer include a hazard triangle and are printed with black print on a yellow background – a recognisable symbol to indicate danger. Though putting a creative spin on signs is something we like to do at Puffin Plastics, we also recognise that it is vitally important to have signs that are universal and familiar when it comes to safety, and that is exactly what we offer with our danger warning signs.

Our sizing ranges from A3 to A5 with two different production options available. Our first option is a self-adhesive sign that can be applied to walls or other flat surfaces through a peel and stick method, perfect for indoor signage. Alternatively, if you are going to mount your sign outside or on an uneven surface, our sturdy 1mm PVC signs would be the best choice for you. This option offers a durable and more permanent solution to danger safety signage requirements.

Every business should ensure it is taking all the precautions it can to ensure the safety of the people who will be on-premises. Invest in a danger sign from Puffin Plastics today to make sure you are meeting the current regulations by protecting yourself and others. 

Single items are sent out with Royal Mail 24 hour at a cost of £1.50. Multiple items will incur a higher price, occasionally these will be shipped via other methods.


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Different types of businesses will have different levels of risk at their premises. Whether these risks concern machinery, deep water, temperature, or radiation – employers have a legal obligation to warn their employees, customers, or any type of worksite visitor of any potential risk to their health and safety so that they can take precautions.Having danger signs in place at your business will warn people that caution needs to be taken around potentially hazardous areas. These are recognisably yellow and black, so a clear sign will alert people that there is a potential health risk present. At Puffin Plastics we offer danger signs that can be produced in one to three working days. These signs are a priority to people working in the business industry, so we offer quick processing and delivery to meet these needs.