Fire Assembly Point Signs

This page features our category options for all of the different variations of standard  Fire Assembly Point Signs available. These help your business meet the legal obligation to clearly indicate where your fire assembly point is located. 

Sometimes known as a fire muster point sign, we manufacture and print them in the internationally recognised green and white colour scheme. The background is green and the wording and graphics are printed in white. 

These signs are highly visible and mounted in prominent locations so that in an emergency, everybody knows exactly where to muster. The design is standard for a fire assembly sign. It features the outline of two people in the centre with 4 white inward-pointing arrows and the wording Fire Assembly Point. 

For larger business premises that may have multiple fire exits and muster points, we offer these signs with additional lettering or numbering to differentiate the assembly points so that people can evacuate to the correct one.

Our standard and most cost-effective versions are made from convenient peel and stick vinyl and come in sizes ranging between A3 and A5. They are perfect for mounting on a flat surface with no additional fixings needed. If your fire assembly point is not in a covered area you may prefer the more weatherproof properties of the rigid PVC version available in the same standard sizes.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer has its advantages. If you need fire meeting point signs in non-standard sizes or with additional bespoke accompanying lettering, we can always manufacture and print to your requirements. We are also able to incorporate your company branding, logos and bespoke messages if needed.


In case of an outbreak of fire or the sounding of an alarm, all of the occupants of the building should leave via the nearest exit and assemble at a designated fire muster point. Making sure that there is a clearly visible sign to indicate a fire assembly point aids people to assemble in the correct location for a responsible person to do a roll call. This is a very important part of making sure that everyone is present and that nobody is trapped inside the building.

The Fire Assembly Point is a “place of safety” and represents a key part of the workplace emergency safety plan.  It should be well-known, easily accessible and far enough away from the building to be out of the danger zone.

In addition to simply making all employees aware of where the assembly point is located, Health and Safety requirements mean that there should be adequate signage distributed around the premises. This might include combining fire evacuation point signs with arrow signs that guide people in the right direction.

Our aim is to make sure that you can easily get the exact sign you need. Standard fire assembly signs can be ordered directly from this page and they will be scheduled for rapid despatch the moment we receive your order. 

We are always happy to discuss requests for bespoke designs and our normal lead-in time for these would be around 3 days. We offer generous discounts for bulk buy and trade orders.

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