Warning Corrosive Sign



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Warning Corrosive Sign

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Having a corrosive sign at your workplace is a health and safety essential. It is important to warn people of the danger that corrosive substances can cause. Corrosives cause severe irritation, burns, and blistering to the skin, with the most extreme cases of corrosive exposure causing fatalities. Corrosive can also severely irritate the eyes and the internal organs if the substance were to be inhaled or ingested.

As well as causing harm to people, corrosive substances can also damage your equipment. They can corrode wood, plastics, and metals which can therefore lead to production issues or contamination.

Having a clear, durable corrosive sign warns people of any potential dangers, meaning they can then be aware that they must wear the correct PPE to protect themselves if they are to stay in the corrosive area.

Single items are sent out with Royal Mail 24 hour at a cost of £1.50. Multiple items will incur a higher price, occasionally these will be shipped via other methods.


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Product Info

Working with corrosive substances is dangerous. These substances can corrode exposed skin, leaving extreme injuries as a result. As soon as a person’s skin meets corrosive substance damage can begin, meaning precaution must be taken by workplaces to prevent such an injury from happening in the first place.Having a corrosive sign is essential in preventing accidents. By having the correct signage in place, you will be warning any employee or workplace visitor of corrosive substances. When people have adequate warning, they can then take the correct precautions to ensure their safety. The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations state that workplaces must display clear hazard signs to warn people to take precautions where these hazards exist. To comply with these regulations, make sure you warn people of any dangerous corrosive substances with a corrosive sign from Puffin Plastics.Our corrosive signs can come in a range of different sizes from A3 to A5 and have two different production methods to choose from. The first is a self-adhesive sticker which can easily be displayed with a peel and stick method. This choice is best for displaying signs on flat surfaces like walls. Our second option is our rigid sign which is made from Rigid PVC at 1mm thickness. This option would suit if you were planning to display the sign on an uneven surface or in an area where durability is of the utmost importance.The production of our corrosive warning signs takes only one to three days with the promise that single items will be sent out with Royal Mail 24-hour shipping at the cost of £1.50.If you have any specific requirements for your corrosive signs, please get in touch today to discuss your business needs.