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Acrylic Case Calculator

This allows you to create a custom acrylic display case for anything you may wish to display. Choose from 3,4,5,6,8, or 10mm thickness and pick the sizes you need.
Looking for custom model display cases is easy with our instant price calculator? High quality acrylic at an affordable price. UV protected custom acrylic case.
Feel free to speak to us about any questions you may have regarding the ordering process or advice on sizes, thickness etc.
Bespoke delivery is currently approx. 14 working days, with the potential to be sooner/later depending on the volume of bespoke orders at the time. All of our panels are cut in house and quality checked before being glued by our skilled and professional team.
These are then flame-polished to create a smooth and clean finish; feel free to add coloured bases to make your products pop and wow people with the quality of display.
We have examples of our work if you wish to see!


Please note - The edges of the cases may not be optically clear. This is because, as standard, the cases are glued using PK1, and are flame polished. We can offer 100% optically clear edges; this would require the case to be UV glued, and diamond polished (this will incur an additional charge; please contact us if you wish to know more about this service).


Bespoke cases made to your precise size requirements.

Please allow a tolerance of +/- 1MM.

Please select the external height, width and depth of the case and the thickness of the clear acrylic to be used. Please be sure to allow for the thickness of material when working out the dimensions of your case.

All cases with bases will lose 3MM height internally to allow for the base, plus the thickness of your material; For example, if ordering a 3MM case with a base, you will need to add at least 6MM to your required internal dimensions to allow for your external. With a 4mm case you need to allow 7mm extra height and 8mm extra depth and width, and so on.

Material Thickness Guide -

3MM - 50MM - 300MM H/W/D

4MM - 50MM - 500MM H/W/D

5MM - 50MM - 800MM H/W/D

6MM - 50MM - 1000MM H/W/D

8MM - 50MM - 1200MM H/W/D

10MM - 50MM - 1200MM (+) H/W/D

The specification of the base will be selected on the next page.

Please note any bespoke cases ordered will not be refunded as these cannot be re-used once made. In the event that your bespoke case is broken or faulty we will be able to refund accordingly. Any cases ordered above the maximum measurement shown in the guide (e.g. above 300MM in 3MM thickness) will not be refunded if the case breaks in transit.

Not quite what you're looking for? Please email us on retail@puffinplastics.co.uk or give us a call at 01730 763161