Custom Plinth Calculator

If you already have a plan and measurements for a custom acrylic stand, our custom plinth calculator is a great way to enter dimensions and any customised options you need into our system to obtain an instant fixed price for your project. You can then process your order and enjoy our rapid turnaround service.

If you are looking for a custom stand to provide a secure base for your display, our acrylic perspex display stands are a fantastic alternative to glass and other materials. Lightweight and strong, acrylic is more translucent and clearer than glass and of course much less likely to break or shatter. In addition, you get a huge range of colour choices that might not be available with other materials.

Alternatively, you can use clear acrylic to create a stunning floating effect for your display. Fantastic for window displays in a retail environment when you need to creatively emphasise aspects of your products to attract window shoppers. Our custom acrylic plinths are equally adept for home displays or even museums and art galleries.

Using the latest inscribing and printing technology, inscriptions, company logos, advertising messages and just about anything you need can be included on your bespoke plinth.

Based in Hampshire in the UK, Puffin Plastics is a leading supplier and manufacturer of bespoke products made in beautiful acrylic. Whether you bring us your own design or brief our design team here to come up with something special, we are confident that if it can be made in acrylic, we have the skills and the technology to produce it for you.

Scroll down to learn more about how to use our custom acrylic plinth calculator.



Custom Plinth Calculator

  • Stunning Custom Acrylic Plinths

  • Standard material thickness 3mm or 5mm

  • Choice of 17 vibrant colours available

  • Compatible with our range of custom acrylic display cases

  • Depth, width and height options between 50mm and 2000mm

Enter your requirements into the custom perspex plinth calculator for an instant price quote





How to use the custom acrylic plinth calculator

Using our calculating tool you can quickly and easily obtain a price and produce an order for a custom made acrylic plinth to your size requirements, required thickness and also the colour and finish you require.

Using the plinth calculator to produce an accurate price is a 2 step process:

Step 1: On the start page select the thickness of the material you require from our standard 3mm or 5mm thicknesses. Then type in your required width, depth and height. The colour selection dropdown gives you three options. Clear, opal or colour. 

Select *colour* as your option you will be able choose from an ever-expanding range of vibrant and exciting colours after clicking 'Buy Now'. At the last count, there were 17 colour options to choose from.

Step 2: Having completed the first step and clicked on 'Buy Now' you will be taken to the second page where you can select colour options and speed of delivery. All of the measurements you entered at step one are already populated and this gives you an opportunity to scan for accuracy and adjust if necessary. 

Choose your colour from the options available and indicate whether you need fast delivery or not. Adjust the quantity if you need more than 1 custom perspex plinth. The total price for your order will be displayed above the calculator. 

And Finally: Click on 'Add to Basket' to place your order into the Shopping Cart ready for processing.


If you have any difficulties

Call us and speak to a member of our team if you have any difficulty using the calculator or you need bespoke perspex thicknesses outside of our standard 3mm or 5mm options. Our friendly staff are always happy to work through your requirements with you and come up with a competitive price for your unique acrylic plinth. 


Trust Puffin Plastics with your bespoke plinth project

Puffin Plastics offers something different. Not just an online retailer, we manufacture everything we sell from our modern and well-equipped factory here in Hampshire. With years of experience in the industry rather than simply being a reseller, you benefit from dealing directly with industry experts.

As well as top of the line production facilities, we put the expertise of our dedicated design and production teams at your disposal. But it is our adherence to the fundamental idea of providing good old fashioned levels of customer service and sincere value for money that truly sets us apart.

Cutting out the middle man and sourcing direct from the manufacturer makes sense. Not only do you get fast turnaround times, but you also get some of the best prices available anywhere online.

Our services are available to private as well as trade and retail customers. No job is too small and no order too large for us to handle. For bulk and trade buyers, we are prepared to negotiate substantial discounts and dedicate a full production line to large orders.

If you would like to discuss a custom acrylic plinth project, workplace signage or even making use of our state of the art 3D design facilities to produce an entirely new concept, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you. Please feel free to use the details on our contact page to get in touch or drop a message into the chatbox.