Acrylic Material Calculator

Use our pre cut acrylic sheet material calculator to work out costs for your custom acrylic sheets. Choose your sizes of up to 2000mm high and 1500mm wide and desired thickness. We will then cut and polish (if selected) your custom perspex sheets.
Maybe you need a piece for a greenhouse or model project, we can cut to size easily and quickly with fast delivery.
Call or contact us if you require assistance with sizing, thickness or general advice on what you are using the material for
Our material is high quality and uv protected, wrapped for protections when sending out for a safe, scratch free delivery
We are able to provide larger sheets via email contact, we offer various colours too so browse the different options available to you.


Material Calculator


Cut to size plastic sheets from stock up to 2000mm by 1500mm in various thicknesses.
Please select the material, thickness,  height, width and colour you require.
Further variants are available to order.

Please contact us if you require something not listed.