CCTV In Operation Sign



A3 - S/A Vinyl


CCTV In Operation Sign

EAN  5060442643710

At Puffin Plastics, we manufacture and print industry standard CCTV in operation signs. These are designed to let anyone approaching commercial premises know that they are entering an area that is under video surveillance.  The signs are high visibility triangles with black lettering and camera graphics on a yellow background.

Our standard and most cost-effective versions are made from convenient peel and stick vinyl and come in sizes ranging between A3 and A5. These are high quality and do not tear easily. They are convenient for mounting on flat surfaces like doors and walls. We would recommend them for indoor use where they cannot be affected by adverse weather.

We also manufacture the CCTV camera in operation sign in a hard-wearing, rigid 1mm thick PVC version more suitable for mounting on rough surfaces or for outdoor use. Standard sizes are again from A3 to A5. We can also supply the fixings you need to mount them.

We are also able to manufacture bespoke CCTV operation signs to order. During the design and print process we can include additional details relating to the purpose of the scheme and the contact details of the Data Controller if you need to comply with data privacy regulations.


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Product Info

The use of CCTV cameras falls under the Data Protection Act. One essential aspect of their use is that CCTV warning signs must be mounted near to the entry of a CCTV surveillance area on approaches to the perimeter. When used indoors there should be adequate CCTV in operation signage mounted in strategic areas. The purpose is to make people aware they are being recorded. A CCTV in Operation sign must be clearly visible, readable, and state that CCTV recording is taking place. Some signs where it is not immediately obvious who owns the CCTV cameras must include the purposes of the scheme and contact details of the Data Controller. The reason for this is that anyone who suspects that you may have stored surveillance footage of them has the right to request a copy. Caution CCTV in Operation Signs as well as being required by the law, make a great visual deterrent that helps to enhance security at your premises and deter opportunist thieves in search of unmonitored premises. Puffin Plastics is a UK based manufacturer working out of our factory here in Hampshire. If plastic is the material of choice then we can normally manufacture just about anything you need. Our CCTV camera in operation signs are just a single element from the huge range of workplace signs we offer. See our whole collection of CCTV signs here.We offer sign manufacture and printing in bespoke or abnormal sizes. Customised lettering and incorporation of company branding and logos can also be included if needed. Standard products are dispatched the next day while our lead in time for bespoke signs is around three days.For businesses looking for a range of workplace signs we can put together multi-packs according to your needs. Generous discounts are available for trade buyers and businesses needing multiple signs.Get in touch using the email or telephone details in the black bar at the top of every page or during working hours, type your message into the live chat box for an immediate response from one of our team.