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Flammable Sign

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If you are a company that works with flammable materials or gases, you will be aware that these materials can pose a serious fire risk. To avoid a fire breaking out, excellent management of the risk in question is required. One of the key methods of preventing a fire is clearly labelling any hazardous areas using a flammable warning sign. By having a sign in place, any person who enters your premises will become aware that flammable material is nearby, so they can then take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

Flammable signs are used as health and safety precautions to deter people from approaching any dangerous area. Flammable signs are an effective warning to passers-by of the risk of potential fire or injury and are therefore necessary for any workplace where flammable substances of materials are stored.

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On average, fire and rescue services in England respond to more than 300 primary fires in non-residential areas per week. Most of the time, workplace fires are small, easily containable, and rarely result in injury. However, there are those rare cases where fires are much more serious. If your business has the correct signage, fires are much more preventable. Having a sign that warns passers-by of flammable substances should be an essential part of your fire prevention strategy. This is a simple way of protecting your employees, stock, workplace visitors and your building. At Puffin Plastics, we offer an eye-catching, durable flammable safety sign. Our signs offer a quick solution to warning people who may come into the vicinity of flammable substances of the potential dangers. We recognise that having universal and familiar signs is essential when identifying dangers within the workplace. We offer our flammable signs in the recognisable black print on a yellow background so that any passers-by will instantly recognise the need for caution. At Puffin Plastics, we have endless knowledge on all things plastic manufacturing. Our flammable warning signs can be produced in one to three working days and delivered promptly to your business. As flammable signs are such a priority to those who work in industries involving electrical components, we want to make sure you get your product on time. We offer the standard sizes for flammable signs, between A3 and A5. We also offer two different production options. The first is a self-adhesive sticker that can easily be placed on flat surfaces like walls with a peel and stick method. Our second option is a sturdy 1mm PVC sign which is a more durable, permanent solution. Are you interested in a flammable sign from Puffin Plastics? Get in touch today to discuss any specific requirements.