No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only Sign



A5 - S/A Vinyl


No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only Sign

The No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only Sign is a prohibition sign that forbids anyone without specific authorisation from entering a designated part of the building. There could be many reasons for displaying a sign like this including the presence of dangerous machinery, chemicals, or even posting it outside of an office where confidential information is stored.

This sign follows the internationally recognised layout and colour scheme of red white and black for prohibition signs with a clear instruction. It features a figure printed in black with focus on the hand held out in a stop gesture. This is contained within a red circle with a diagonal bar. Underneath the words No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only are printed in white on a red background.

Standard sizes for this sign range between A3 and A5 although we can make any bespoke size according to your requirements. We can also add your company branding or logo at your request. All of our signs are available in 1mm thick acrylic for fixing to a solid surface or as a less permanent but more convenient peel and stick version.

As UK-based manufacturers of our own products, at Puffin Plastics we offer an easy online ordering process for standard items. We can also design and manufacture bespoke designs, sizes and incorporate company branding for all of our signs. If you need non-standard wording or sizes or would like to make a trade enquiry, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01730 352100



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