Fire Door Keep Shut Sign



200x200mm S/A Vinyl


Fire Door Keep Shut Sign

EAN  5060442647633

The fire door keep shut sign is a mandatory sign that gives clear instructions to help prevent further damage in an emergency. Its purpose is to let people know that they must not leave a fire-resistant door open. Mandatory signs are easily recognised because they are circular.

We offer these fire doors keep shut signs in a range of standard sizes between A3 and A5. Check out the sizing info box for specific size details. If you need a sign outside of the standard range, we would be happy to manufacture and print one to suit.

Printed in the ISO standard blue with white writing and graphics, the sign features a blue circle with a prominent white exclamation mark that signals caution and a rectangular box below with the wording “Fire Door Keep Shut” in white on the same blue background. If your fire-resistant door can be approached from both directions, you will need a sign for each side of the door.

Options include a convenient peel and stick version that can be quickly applied to the door or a more permanent 1mm thick rigid acrylic version that can be mounted with double-sided tape or screwed in place.


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Product Info

Fire-resistant doors form an essential part of protecting people from the danger of fire in the hotel and leisure industry, factories and warehouses, and in just about every other commercial establishment. Most of the fire doors in common use are in the FD30 category which means that if closed– they provide 30 minutes of fire resistance. So it goes without saying that to work effectively in slowing the spread or even containing a fire they must not be left open. When the fire door is in frequent use, for example between a kitchen and the front-of-house in a restaurant, it might be tempting to wedge it open for efficiency. The fire door keep closed sign is designed to be a permanently displayed and prominent reminder that safety must not be compromised for the sake of efficiency. Visit our fire door signs page to see our full collection. When you buy workplace signs from Puffin Plastics you are buying directly from the UK-based manufacturer. Our signs are available in any quantity so whether you need one sign, a mixed multi-pack of signs, or 100 signs, we welcome you to purchase from us. There is no middle man so you are sure to get great value for money. For trade or bulk buyers, we are also prepared to negotiate some serious discounts. Working out of our factory, here in Hampshire, if it can be made out of plastic then we should be able to manufacture it. Manufacturing, printing, and designing signage is an important part of what we do. Our huge catalogue features statutory workplace signage that covers every possible regulation. Another advantage of dealing with the manufacturer is the flexibility we offer. Whether it is abnormal sizes, company information, branding, and logos or even working to your own unique design, we can manufacture to your exact requirements. Our friendly teams are focused on customer service and we make sure that your order is delivered in a timely fashion Standard in-stock products are dispatched the next day while our lead-in time for manufacturing bespoke signs is around three days. Get in touch using the email or telephone details in the black bar at the top of every page or during working hours, type your message into the live chat box on the page for an immediate response from one of our team.