Fire Assembly Point 6 Sign



A4 - S/A Vinyl


Fire Assembly Point 6 Sign - Essential for Organized Evacuations

Product Overview:

The Fire Assembly Point Sign plays a vital role in any fire evacuation procedure, serving as a clear indicator of the first designated safe area where occupants are to gather after exiting a building during a fire emergency. This sign is crucial for conducting headcounts, organizing further evacuations if necessary, and ensuring everyone is accounted for away from the hazards of fire and smoke.

Key Features:

  • High Visibility: Designed with bright, contrasting colors, typically green and white or red and white, to catch the eye even in smoke-filled environments or from a distance.
  • Durability: Made of materials that can withstand outdoor elements, including high temperatures, inclement weather, and direct sunlight. Common materials include metal, plastic, and laminated vinyl.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Meets regulatory requirements for fire safety by clearly marking evacuation gathering points.
  • Universal Symbolism: Features symbols understood globally, such as the running figure and flame, enhancing immediate recognition across language barriers.


  • Material Varieties: Options available are metal for durability, PVC for flexibility, and reflective or photoluminescent vinyl for low-light visibility.
  • Color Scheme: Employed colors are aimed at ensuring standout visibility, with green and white for a standard safety look or red and white for direct association with fire safety.
  • Size Options: Comes in various dimensions to ensure visibility across different spaces and conditions, tailored to the size and layout of the premises.


  • Commercial Buildings: Crucial in office buildings, retail centers, and warehouses where quick and orderly evacuation is needed.
  • Educational Institutions: Used within schools and university campuses to direct students and staff to safety zones during fire drills or actual emergencies.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Assists in the evacuation of hospitals and care homes, where mobility and health conditions may vary widely among occupants.
  • Public Spaces: Implemented in venues such as cinemas, museums, and stadiums to guide the public to safety efficiently.

Installation Guidelines:

  1. Strategic Placement: Signs should be located along evacuation routes and near exits, leading directly to the designated assembly point.
  2. Height and Visibility: Install the sign at an optimum height, often eye level, ensuring it is free from obstructions and visible from a distance and different angles.
  3. Consistency and Clarity: Ensure clarity by using consistent, easy-to-understand symbols and text. If multiple assembly points exist, clearly differentiate each through numbering or naming.

This sign is essential for facilitating a swift, organized, and safe evacuation by guiding building occupants to a predetermined safe location. It aids emergency services in quickly accounting for all individuals and coordinating any necessary rescue operations, significantly reducing the likelihood of injury or loss of life during fire incidents.


The Fire Assembly Point Sign is a critical element of fire safety and emergency evacuation plans, ensuring that all occupants know where to go in case of a fire. Proper placement, visibility, and adherence to safety regulations are fundamental in maximizing the effectiveness of these signs, providing clarity and direction in potentially chaotic situations. Ensuring these signs are clearly marked and well-maintained is a priority for the safety and well-being of everyone in the facility.

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