Tennis/Cricket Ball Display Case Wall Mount




Tennis/Cricket Ball Display Case Wall Mount

EAN: 5060739806484

Showcase your prized tennis or cricket balls with our exclusive Tennis/Cricket Ball Display Case Wall Mount. This top-selling accessory is expertly crafted at our workshop in Hampshire, aligning exquisite workmanship with the best in display visualization.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Material: Constructed from 8mm genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded clear acrylic, epitomizing both durability and elegance for showcasing your sports memorabilia.
  • All-Around Visibility: The transparent nature of the clear acrylic gives viewers an unhindered perspective of the display case, enhancing the viewing experience from every angle.
  • Accurate Dimensions: Specifically designed with dimensions of 120mm W x 100mm D to accommodate standard-sized tennis or cricket ball display cases.
  • Deluxe Installation Kit: Comes complete with deluxe fixings and screws, ensuring a secure and straightforward mounting procedure.
  • UK Craftsmanship: Manufactured locally with pride, the wall mount stands as a symbol of UK-based craftsmanship in its finest form.

Note for Prospective Buyers:

Please be informed that the tennis/cricket balls and display case shown in promotional photographs are solely for display purposes and do not come with the wall mount bracket.

Product Description:

Our Tennis/Cricket Ball Display Case Wall Mount emanates a professional and aesthetic appeal, perfect for enthusiasts wishing to immortalize their sports treasures. Made with thick, premium ‘PERSPEX®’ clear acrylic, the holder promises longevity and a crystal-clear panoramic view of your memorabilia.

The wall mount's dimensions have been meticulously designed to ensure your tennis or cricket ball display case fits with precision, thereby creating an eye-catching exhibit in your home, office, or hall of fame. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the complete set of high-quality fixings and screws provided, securing your display in place and offering peace of mind that your collectibles are showcased safely.

With the backing of trusted UK manufacturing, you can rest assured that you're not just buying a product but also investing in a piece of art that will keep your special moments in sports perpetually alive and on display.

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