Goalkeeper Glove Display Case Wall Mount




Goalkeeper Glove Display Case Wall Mount

EAN: 5060739806552

Present and protect your cherished goalkeeper gloves with our top-selling Goalkeeper Glove Display Case Wall Mount. Manufactured meticulously in our Hampshire workshop, this display is not only an accessory but a celebration of your sporting memories.

Key Features:

  • Superior Material Quality: Crafted from 8mm genuine 'PERSPEX®' branded clear acrylic, ensuring both durability and crystal-clear visibility.
  • 360-Degree View: Its transparent structure provides a panoramic view of the goalkeeper gloves, allowing you to appreciate your memorabilia from any angle.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Designed to snugly fit display cases with dimensions of 250mm W x 170mm D, ensuring your gloves are displayed prominently and securely.
  • Deluxe Installation Components: Includes deluxe fixings and screws for easy and secure wall mounting—no wobbling or uncertainty.
  • Craftsmanship Pride: Proudly manufactured in the UK, ensuring consistent quality and support of local industry.

Please Note:

The goalkeeper gloves and the display case featured in the product images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with the purchase of the wall mount.

Product Description:

The Goalkeeper Glove Display Case Wall Mount is designed for sports enthusiasts who treasure their memorabilia and seek to display it in a superior manner. Made from high-quality ‘PERSPEX®’ acrylic, this wall mount not only guarantees the safety and longevity of the display but also enhances the visibility of your prized goalkeeper gloves.

This unit is designed to fit standard goalkeeper glove display cases, ensuring that they are held securely and displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way. The supplied deluxe mounting kit makes installation straightforward and secure, allowing you to exhibit your gloves in any setting, be it at home, a sports club, or a hall of fame.

Invest in this UK-made product to ensure you receive a premier-quality display solution that showcases your sports memorabilia in the best possible light.

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