Child Trainer Display Case - Single


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Child Trainer Display Case - Single

Crafted in our Hampshire workshop, the 'Child Trainer Display Case - Single' stands out among our popular products. Made with 3MM genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded clear acrylic, this display case provides a 360-degree view of your child's trainer. The robust base, constructed from 6MM genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded acrylic, is offered in a selection of colors: Black, White, or Clear.

Customization Services:

  1. Vinyl Name Service

    • Our cases can now be fully personalized with your choice of name or message. Available in 19 stunning colors and 8 diverse fonts, up to a maximum of 25 letters.
    • Price: £8.99 (+ list price).
  2. Back Photo (Vinyl)

    • Utilize our high-quality printing capabilities to add a personal touch with a photo on Vinyl adhered to the case's back panel.
    • Price: £15.99 (+ list price).
    • Kindly ensure your image fits your case's dimensions and has a high resolution. If necessary, we may add a border to ensure full panel coverage.
  3. Lid Engraving Service

    • Customize the lid with a laser engraved logo or crest for an understated yet personal touch.
    • Price: £9.99 (+ list price).
    • Please upload your logo/crest as a JPG or PNG for sizing adjustments.
  4. Mirror Backing – Crest Engraved

    • Make a bold statement with your logo or crest engraved on a mirrored backing, providing an unforgettable look.
    • Price: £19.99 (+ list price).
  5. Optional Inscription Plaque

    • Further personalize this case with a chosen inscription plaque.

Additional Details:

  • Dimensions: 240MM W x 100MM D x 120MM H
  • Capacity: Accommodates up to size C13 child's trainer
  • Material: 5-sided clear acrylic lid (3MM) on a 6MM acrylic base
  • Base Color Options: Black, White, Clear
  • UK-Based Manufacturing: Our UK craftspeople ensure high-quality production and support local business.

Please Keep in Mind:

  • Displayed trainer and inscription plaque are for illustration purposes and are not included.
  • Images for the case customization should be provided in the correct proportions and resolution to ensure optimal quality.

The 'Child Trainer Display Case - Single' offers a perfect combination of protection and personalized display for that special pair of trainers. Whether as a meaningful gift or a treasure for yourself, it's designed to celebrate and preserve cherished memories in style.

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