Rugby Ball Display Plinth - BLACK



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Stately Black Rugby Ball Display Plinth

EAN: 5060442640450

Present your treasured rugby ball with the poise and prominence it deserves using our Stately Black Rugby Ball Display Plinth. Meticulously crafted from 10mm high-grade black foamex, this durable plinth serves as the perfect stage, ensuring your rugby ball is displayed in full view from every angle.

Excellent Features:

  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from 10mm high-grade black foamex, offering a combination of sturdiness, longevity, and a sleek aesthetic that elevates your rugby ball.
  • Universal Display: Engineered to cradle a regular size rugby ball, this plinth highlights your memorabilia, allowing for unobstructed visibility and admirable presentation.

Proudly Manufactured in the UK:

  • Homegrown Excellence: Embracing the reputable British manufacturing standards, each plinth reflects a dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and local industry support.

Kindly Note:

  • Exhibit Purpose: The rugby ball mentioned and shown in promotional imagery is solely for illustrative display purposes and is not included with the purchase.

Product Specifications:

  • Designed For: Securely supports a regular size rugby ball, making it perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Built With Integrity: The 10mm thick premium black foamex material ensures a combination of visual appeal and structural integrity.

Additional Product Information:

  • UK Heritage: Our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards is underpinned by our support for British manufacturing, certifying that each plinth stands as a symbol of superior local production values.

If you require further details or have any specific questions, please feel free to inquire. Showcase your cherished rugby ball with our Black Rugby Ball Display Plinth—a bold statement of elegance and sporting passion.

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