Child Rugby Boot Display Case (Single)


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Child Rugby Boot Display Case - Single

Proudly made in our Hampshire workshop, the Child Rugby Boot Display Case - Single is a customer favorite for displaying prized memorabilia. Crafted with 3MM genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded clear acrylic, this case provides an unobstructed view of the showcased boot. The sturdy base, crafted from 6MM genuine ‘PERSPEX®’ branded acrylic, comes in three elegant colors: Black, White, or Clear.

Personalization Services:

  1. Vinyl Name Service

    • Fully customize your case with our 'Vinyl Name Service' for a distinct presentation. Choose from 19 vibrant colors and 8 different fonts to include a name or message (limit of 25 letters).
    • Price: £8.99 (+ list price).
  2. Back Photo (Vinyl)

    • With our advanced printing technology, add a personal touch by printing an image on Vinyl, which will be precisely sized and fixed to the case's internal back panel.
    • Price: £15.99 (+ list price).
    • Please provide an image in the correct dimensions and of sufficient resolution. In certain situations, a border may be applied to ensure full panel coverage.
  3. Lid Engraving Service

    • Utilize our cutting-edge laser cutter to engrave a chosen logo or crest on the case's lid for a subtle yet custom touch.
    • Price: £9.99 (+ list price).
    • Provide your logo/crest in JPG or PNG format for appropriate resizing.
  4. Mirror Backing – Crest Engraved

    • Opt for a dramatic effect with a logo or crest laser-engraved on a mirrored backing within your case.
    • Price: £19.99 (+ list price).
  5. Optional Inscription Plaque

    • Personalize your display further with an optional inscription plaque.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 240MM W x 100MM D x 120MM H
  • Maximum Boot Size: Fits up to size C13 child's boot
  • Material: 5-sided clear acrylic lid (3MM) on a 6MM acrylic base
  • Base Color Choices: Black, White, Clear
  • Manufacturing Location: UK-based for quality assurance and support of local industry.

Please Note:

  • The boot and inscription plaque depicted are for illustrative purposes and are not part of the purchase.
  • Consider the specifications when submitting images for customization to ensure high-quality outcomes.

The Child Rugby Boot Display Case - Single not only protects a cherished boot but also turns it into a focal point of any room. Its customizability ensures that it can become a gift to remember or an exceptional part of your collection.

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