Star Wars Glass Effect Coasters - 6 Pack



Star Wars Glass Effect Coasters - 6 Pack

Our glass effect Star Wars Coasters will appeal to Star Wars fans young and old. Cut from 5mm glass effect perspex, each coaster in the star wars coaster set is 90mm in diameter and they come with a complimentary coaster holder for tidy storage when not in use.

Each of these star wars drink coasters is emblazoned with a unique design straight out of the Star Wars feature films. Individual coasters in this set of 6 come with a different design instantly recognisable to fans of the series. These include; The Star Wars logo, The Millennium Falcon, The TIE fighter, AT-AT, The Rebel Alliance logo, and Storm Trooper heads surrounding the imperial logo.

These star wars coasters are laser cut from glass effect perspex for a smooth finish here in our UK-based factory in Hampshire. They make a unique gift and a fantastic talking point around any dinner table. These are premium coasters that any Star Wars fan would love to own and add to a collection of Star Wars memorabilia. If you want them for daily use, they are hard-wearing enough to be functional and yet retain their immaculate appearance.  

Do you have an idea for a coaster design or need a custom design for your coaster set? We invite you to use the contact details displayed on the site to get in touch and let us know what you need. There is not much you can think of that is made from acrylic that we could not make for you.




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