No Entry - Symbol with Person Sign



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No Entry - Symbol with Person Sign

The No Entry - Symbol with Person Sign is a prohibition sign aimed at both visitors and employees. It forbids anyone from entering a room or an area and is printed with a person incorporated on the sign to emphasise the message. In most cases this is a sign designed to keep people either completely out of a building or from entering an area or room within that contains something potentially hazardous like dangerous machinery or chemicals. It might also be used to prevent entry to sensitive or confidential areas within a building.

This sign follows the internationally recognised layout and colour scheme. It features the red warning circle and diagonal red bar layered across the top of of a person coloured in black. Underneath this, high visibility No Entry wording is printed in white on a rectangular red background.

Coming in standard sizes of A3 to A5, we offer a convenient peel and stick version printed on tough vinyl that will not tear easily. This one is suitable for signs of a temporary nature where the intention is that they will eventually be removed or as a permanent sign. We can also supply these signs in 1mm thick rigid acrylic to be affixed to walls and doors using screws and fixings that we can also supply.

Easy online ordering is available for standard products but as manufacturers, we can also tailor our products to suit your requirements. If you need abnormal sizes, extra printing on the signs or multi-packs containing a variety of workplace signs, we invite you to use the contact details at the top of the page to get in touch. We also offer generously discounted prices for large orders and welcome trade enquiries.




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