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No Food Or Drink Sign

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The no food or drink sign is just one of our huge ranges of prohibition signs that are used within the workplace to reinforce instructions prohibiting dangerous activities. Prohibition signs are easily recognisable with a circular red band and a single diagonal cross line descending from left to right at a 45-degree angle. The no food or drink allowed sign has a pictogram that depicts a cup and three bars that represent food. Underneath is a rectangular box with a red background and white lettering that reads ‘No Food Or Drink’.

The quickest and most cost-effective way of getting hold of these no food and drink signs is to order from our standard size range. These come in sizes between A3 and A5. Look to the info box for the specific measurements of each size. We manufacture these workplace signs here in Hampshire so if you need a size not immediately available, let us know and we can make one to your specifications.  

Choose from an easy-peel and easy stick vinyl version or for a more permanent or weatherproof application, these food and drink not allowed signs also comes in 1mm thick rigid PVC that can be screwed, glued, or taped in place.

Single items are sent out with Royal Mail 24 hour at a cost of £1.50. Multiple items will incur a higher price, occasionally these will be shipped via other methods.

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Product Info

Restricting food and drink to suitable areas is commonplace in many work settings. Depending on the situation it may be that food and drink could be in danger of being exposed to toxins or other harmful substances airborne or otherwise and become unfit for consumption. Alternatively, it might be the food and drink itself that has the potential to be dangerous. For example, if the drink is spilled on a smooth floor it immediately becomes a slip hazard. And in areas that need to be kept sterile, food and drink has the potential to become a contaminant. The no food or drinks allowed sign gives a strict instruction indicating that if ignored, there could be a danger to health as a result. At Puffin Plastics we supply the full range of general purpose signs made in-house at our workshop in Hampshire. We use top-quality materials under strict quality-controlled conditions. Dealing directly with us means that if you need customised options such as additional wording, abnormal sizes, or perhaps company branding, we are in a better position to assist you than most other suppliers. We offer a rapid turnaround on standard stock items and can normally produce bespoke orders in around 3 days. Whatever the quantity you need we welcome your inquiry. Being totally flexible, we can put together multi-packs of workplace signs, dedicate a production line to bulk orders or simply post out a single item for rapid delivery. We are also happy to negotiate generous discounts for bulk and trade buyers We invite you to use the email or telephone details at the top of this page to get in touch with one of our helpful staff and let them know what it is you need. If you have questions or would like an instant response, our live chat box is available during working hours.