Football Display Stand / Riser Plinth - Colour


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Football Display Stand / Riser Plinth - Colour

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Elegantly crafted in Hampshire, our Football Display Stand / Riser Plinth is a striking way to exhibit your treasured size 5 football. Made with authentic 5mm coloured PERSPEX® branded acrylic, this stand is as durable as it is stylish, offering an array of colours to suit any preference. Ideal for highlighting an autographed ball or a keepsake from a memorable game.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from 5mm thick coloured PERSPEX® acrylic, known for its strength and vivid clarity.
  • Colour Selection: Personalize your display with a choice of 19 different colours—perfect for matching team colours or your room's décor.
  • Easy Assembly: The slot-together design makes for a hassle-free setup, requiring no tools and allowing you to assemble the stand effortlessly.
  • Perfect Size: Designed to snugly fit a size 5 football, the stand dimensions ensure a secure hold while maintaining a sleek profile.


  • Material: Made from 5mm thick, high-quality coloured PERSPEX® branded acrylic.
  • Colour Options: Choose from an assortment of 19 colours to customize your display stand.
  • Assembly: Simple and tool-free slot-together design for easy assembly.
  • Dimensions: Measures at 144mm in Width, 144mm in Depth, and 72mm in Height.
  • Compatibility: Specifically created to hold a size 5 football, the standard for all professional matches and suitable for players aged 12 and above.

Please Note:

  • Football Not Included: The offer includes the display stand / riser plinth only.

Product Description:

Show off your football memorabilia in style with our vibrant and sturdy Football Display Stand / Riser Plinth. Whether it's to display a treasured signed football or simply to elevate your home sports collection, this plinth is an essential piece for any enthusiast. The quality coloured PERSPEX® acrylic not only offers a secure structure but also ensures that your ball remains the focal point.

Proudly manufactured in the UK with precision and care, this display not only secures your football in place but also enhances your space with its sleek design and personalized touch of colour. An eye-catching addition to any room, desk, or trophy case, the stand promises to capture the attention of fellow fans and collectors.

Easy to assemble and offering a palette of colours, this plinth invites you to create a display as unique as your memorabilia. Whether you're looking to celebrate a personal achievement, honour a favourite team, or gift a fellow football aficionado, this plinth is built to impress.

Display your passion for the beautiful game with our customized Football Display Stand / Riser Plinth, precisely tailored to reflect your style and sporting spirit.

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