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First Aiders Sign

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Even at the best-managed workplaces, accidents will happen. Moments like this can be frightening, but with the right precautions in place, you will be able to take control of the situation. Having qualified first aiders on hand to quickly attend to any injured person can greatly reduce the risk of initial injuries developing into something more serious.

Business owners and managers need to ensure they are taking care of their employees, customers, and any other workplace visitors. To prioritise their safety, you need to ensure it is clearly stated who the first aiders are and where to find them in case of an emergency.

At Puffin Plastics, we offer cost-effective first aider signs that can provide all the relevant information regarding trained first aiders on the premises, allowing anybody who needs help to quickly access it.

Single items are sent out with Royal Mail 24 hour at a cost of £1.50. Multiple items will incur a higher price, occasionally these will be shipped via other methods.


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Product Info

When emergency strikes, fast assessment by a qualified first aider is essential. People need to know where to turn in the event of an injury. By having first-aiders signs displayed at accessible locations throughout the premises, your employees and visitors will get used to seeing the appropriate information regularly which can improve reaction time when an accident does occur.As the names of first aiders often change due to staff rotations, Puffin Plastic offers signs that can be easily updated without any added expenses. Even in the unlikely event that an accident never occurs, having a first aiders sign will give everybody who works at your premises the peace of mind that if they were to suffer an injury, they would know who to receive help from.At Puffin Plastics, our first aiders sign provides clear directions and information regarding the first aid trained staff on your premises. The sign is printed in recognisably green and white colouring and is available in two different types of materials. The first option is a self-adhesive sticker which would be suitable if you were to display the sign on a flat, indoor surface. The second option is a rigid sign made from PVC at 1mm thickness, this is more suitable if you were to display the sign on a rougher surface or outdoors. Puffin Plastics also provides screws for this type of sign so that you will have everything you need.Our first aiders sign comes in a selection of sizes to suit your business needs. We have an A5 sign at 148mm width x 210mm height, an A4 sign at 210mm width and 420mm height and an A3 sign at 297mm width x 420mm height.