First Aid Sign



A5 - S/A Vinyl


First Aid Sign

EAN  5060739802356

At Puffin Plastics we try to assist with keeping the public informed with regards to health, safety, and hygiene. Using our knowledge of plastic manufacturing and experience in mass production and delivery of multiple plastic-based products, we took it upon ourselves to design a range of signs relating to first aid and leisure hygiene that could be produced in 1-3 working days and quickly delivered to those in need of them.

Our range of first aid/health and hygiene signs are affordable and are designed and shipped with the intention of providing those working in the relevant industries an easily recognisable sign that plays an important role in emergency health situations as well as public information. We understand the importance of delivering the appropriate message in a proportionate manner, so we did not settle for manufacturing one basic sign that attempts to provide a bare minimum effect. To emphasise this, we offer a whole host of different health/first aid location signs each marked with a different image/message, for example, signs each specifically relating to first aid boxes or kits, first aid rooms, and defibrillator systems within the vicinity.

Green Cross signs are used as a health measure to indicate that there are health services nearby, such as first aid. The public hygiene section of our health signs provide hygiene information such as the location of public showers or nearby drinking water. If you are in need of such a sign, please explore our range of products to find one that fits the message you would like to display.

The wrong sign with the wrong design can be fatal to anyone who either fails to spot it or struggles to immediately comprehend the message displayed on the sign, especially in the case of first aid. As much as we like to put a creative spin on the plastic products we offer at Puffin Plastics, our team recognises the importance of having signs that are universal and familiar. With that in mind we offer our health and hygiene signs with familiar images such as the Green Cross in the green and white colour, with our public hygiene signs also sticking to a green and white colour scheme. We offer standard sizes ranging between A3 and A5 with two production options available. These options are our versatile self-adhesive sticker that can be easily moved around, and our tougher 1mm PVC sign, which is ideal for outdoor weather resistance, or where a more permanent solution is sought after.

We would highly recommend making Puffin Plastics your choice for the production and delivery of first aid/health and hygiene signs. Dealing with us directly means that we can make adjustments and allow the client to achieve as close to what they would ideally want, as possible. This would mean a customisable approach and array of options not found on many other plastic product sites. This flexible nature to our manufacturing makes us an ideal one stop shop for those seeking such a product, with a guarantee of the exact specifications a generic supplier may not be able to produce.


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