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A4 - S/A Vinyl


Eyewash Station Sign - Highly Visible Safety Signage

Product Overview:

Ensure the safety and compliance of your workspace with our Eyewash Station Sign. Designed for clear visibility and understanding, this essential safety signage is an integral part of any environment where eye injuries are a risk. Suitable for laboratories, workshops, manufacturing plants, and any work area where chemicals or hazardous materials are handled, the Eyewash Station Sign is a non-negotiable safety feature.

Key Features:

  • Highly Visible: Bold lettering on a highly contrasting background ensures the sign is easily noticed from a distance.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Universal Symbols: Includes the universally recognized eyewash station symbol, ensuring comprehension across language barriers.
  • Size: Offered in multiple sizes to ensure optimal visibility in different settings.
  • Compliance: Meets OSHA and ANSI standards for safety and emergency signage, helping to keep your facility compliant with health and safety regulations.


  • Material: UV-resistant and waterproof materials
  • Dimensions: Available in various sizes
  • Mounting Options: Pre-drilled holes/adhesive backing


  • Industrial Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Schools and Universities
  • Healthcare Facilities

Installation Tips:

  1. Choose a prominent location near the eyewash station that is unobstructed and easily accessible.
  2. Ensure the sign's placement complies with local health and safety regulations regarding height and visibility.
  3. Clean the surface thoroughly before applying adhesive-backed signs to ensure secure attachment.

Why It’s a Must-Have:

In the critical moment following an eye injury, immediate access to an eyewash station can be crucial. This Eyewash Station Sign not only guides individuals in distress to the relief they need but also promotes a culture of safety and preparedness within your facility. By clearly marking the location of eyewash stations, you help minimize injury and enhance the overall safety of your workspace.


Don’t leave safety to chance. Equip your facility with our Eyewash Station Sign, and ensure that in the event of an emergency, relief is easily found. Perfect for any environment that values safety and compliance, this sign serves as a constant reminder of your commitment to maintaining a safe workplace for everyone.

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