Danger Of Death Sign



A3 - S/A Vinyl


Danger Of Death Sign

EAN  5060442644373

Puffin Plastics offers a range of plastic based products, including our range of hazard signs that can be designed to order and shipped/delivered in a few working days. As part of this range, we offer a “Danger of Death” hazard sign, which is one of many purposeful products in our line of hazard signs.

‘Danger of Death’ Hazard signs are used as a health and safety measure to deter people from approaching a dangerous area whereby there may be live electricity or debris capable of causing harm to those who come within contact of it. Preventing damage from electricity is an important purpose of these signs and they must be capable of providing adequate visual warning.

At Puffin Plastics our team recognises the importance of familiarity when it comes to emergency signs that could save lives, so with that in mind we offer these hazard signs in the internationally recognised black print on a yellow background. We offer standard sizes ranging between A3 and A5 with two production options available. These options consist of a self-adhesive sticker that can be placed on most surfaces, with ease of removal should the threat no longer be present, and our rigid 1mm PVC sign which is suited to requirements of durability or where there may be an outdoor need.

Single items are sent out with Royal Mail 24 hour at a cost of £1.50. Multiple items will incur a higher price, occasionally these will be shipped via other methods.


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From the efficient design to the fast delivery process, Puffin Plastics should be your choice for the production and delivery of “danger of death” hazard signs. Dealing directly with us means that we can be attentive to your personal needs and customise non-standard sizes to your specification. This ‘client first’ nature to our manufacturing makes us the perfect one-stop shop for those seeking high-quality plastic products, with a guarantee of the exact specifications a generic supplier may not be able to produce.