5 Advantages of Acrylic


Acrylic is a type of plastic, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex that has been around for decades. It’s a popular option for many people because of the advantages it has over other building materials.

Here are five reasons why Acrylic might be right for your next project:

It’s lightweight

Lightweight materials are important in many applications as it is easier to ship, transport and move around your home and office. Display cases are much easier to install without the need for heavy lifting equipment or extra support.

Acrylic is around 50% lighter than glass and is the perfect choice for applications where weight needs to be minimized. 

Its strong

Acrylic weighs around 50% less than glass and is a very durable material with a high impact resistance. This makes it possible for acrylic to be used in applications where other materials may fail or break too easily, for example in light fixtures, shower doors and many other applications where safety is a concern.

It does not shatter when broken but breaks into large pieces that do not pose a hazard to people or property.

It’s easy to Fabricate and Shape

One of the biggest reasons why acrylic is a popular material is because it can be bent into any shape. This flexibility makes it ideal for any custom-made projects, especially if you need to get creative with your design due to space constraints or other factors.

It's chemical resistant

Acrylic is chemically resistant, even at high temperatures. In other words, it won’t break down or become discoloured with exposure to most chemicals. Acrylic is resistant to many acids and bases, solvents (including water), oils and salts.

Acrylic does not support bacteria growth, making it a great choice for food preparation surfaces, as well as in the lab and medical field.

It’s durable     

Acrylic is a very durable material, so it won’t scratch or dent easily. It also has superior strength and durability, so it doesn’t break easily when dropped on the floor or hit with an object.

Your acrylic product will last for years without looking worn down or old- unlike a lot of other materials that get scratched up with use.

In the case that your piece does get a scratch or dent in it, they can be polished out easily instead of requiring a replacement. This allows you to keep your furniture without having to buy new pieces as often.  


Acrylic is a great material for building, especially if you’re looking for something lightweight and strong. It’s also easy to work with, so it’s perfect for DIY projects too!

You can use it for many different applications such as signage, furniture and more. It’s easy to maintain which makes acrylic a great option for homeowners looking to make their home more beautiful